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Andrea Becker Voice Over Los Angeles

I'm Andrea. I started life out as a singer (yes, just born that way), and after enough delightful chances to get to turn into other people/animals/sentient creatures with just my voice, finally realized,

"Hey, isn't that a whole job just itself? I should look into that".


So, I started training in voice acting for animation with some of L.A.'s most asskickin'est VO coaches. 

Loved it, decided to keep going, and made my way into commercial training, too. 

Then I JUST KEPT LOVING IT.. and it all snowballed from there. 


I couldn't stop myself. "Corporate narrations? Sure! Explainer vids? Lemme at 'em! E-learning?? BRING IT."

So, that all began about 7yrs. ago...and here we are now. 

I've voiced everything from national commercial campaigns as the girl-next-door, to animated film characters who quack, taught teenagers about sex ed as a sock puppet and helped kids learn English as a second language, trained employees to have their best sales quarter ever and even had a run-in or twelve with a few pretty rad video games, among a multitude of all kinds of other delights which I feel lucky to get to do every time I walk into a booth or my own Source Connect home studio.

But enough about me! What about you? What're you working on these days, and how can I add to it?

Hop on over to my contact page and let's start finding out.

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